Core return guidelines

1. Please return cores of the same year, make, and model of the remanufactured engine purchased.

2. All cores must have all sheet metal removed. Note: We do not accept cores that still have sheet metal attached to them. Use the following list as a guide for parts to be removed.

All Brackets   Fuel Pump & Rod   Motor Mounts
Belt Pulleys   Harmonic Balancer & Bolt   Valve Covers
Carburetor   Distributor   Intake Manifolds- Except 4.1, 4.5, & 4.9 Cadillacs
Dipstick & Tube   Oil Pan   Oil and Temp. Sending Units
Flywheel   Exhaust Manifold   Timing Cover - Except for Pump in Cover
Starter   Water Pump

3. Drain all fluids from the core. (Stand the unit on end if necessary to drain all fluids)

4. All cores must have the main caps intact.

5. All cores must be free of visible cracks.

6. No junkyard or rusty cores accepted.

7. Wire a tag to the core that states your name and the type of core and invoice number of remanufactured engine sold.

8. Cores must be fully assembled. This includes main caps and heads.
    See list of deductions for missing parts.

9. Cores must be returned to the point of purchase within 30 days of invoice to receive credit

Description Deduction
A. Camshaft$20.00
B. V-8 Chevy W/1 Piece Rear Seal Housing Missing$25.00
C. Oil Pump (Front Cover)$35.00
* D. Crankshaft/Thrown Rod1/2 Credit
* E. Spun Main Bearing1/2 Credit
* F. Main Cap (Missing)1/2 Credit
* G. Cracked Block1/2 Credit
* H. Heads (Missing)1/2 Credit
I. Junk CoresNo Credit
J. No Intake Manifold on CadillacNo Credit
K. Missing Rockers/Pushrods/Lifters$75.00
L. No Plastic Shipping Container if Applicable$100.00
* Any combination of items D-HNo Credit

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